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"Website Design Services"

Easypay-Wix websites are a great choice for anyone from the very first website as a small startup to a large corporate eCommerce website or anything in-between. Small changes can easily be made to a wixsite from the wix dashboard which makes this a very flexible option that could save you a ton of money on updates and edits as time goes on. Easypay-wix experts will work with you to design build and brand your website and help with social media, SEO and marketing if you wish. Our experts are always on hand if you need any advanced upgrades or technical work. We're also happy to help with any existing wixsite you own should you require a redesign, technical help, digital Images, copy writing, or SEO work. Google business pages, social media pages & social media posts are also available on this package should you require.

If you're looking for a bespoke fully responsive WordPress website custom built and designed especially for you then we have it covered. Whether you want a singe landing page, a multi page brochure site of a full blown eCommerce website.

Our expert WordPress design team will custom build your site for you and we can often build your site with no upfront cost, simply choose your plan.

For eCommerce websites we have merchant service solutions for Travel sites, sites with cbd products, gaming sites and other web businesses that can be considered high risk to the acquiring banks.

  1. Landing page site from £10.00 /month

  2. 8 page brochure site from £49.00 / month

  3. Full eCommerce site from £99.00 /month

Shopwired is an alternative solution for a self build eCommerce website​ that comes in at a great price. You can totally self build or Shopwired will  set up your your template and theme for you, set up category's and sub category's and even import products and customers from a spreadsheet for a small price, you just need to load your business details, product images and product descriptions. 

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