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Save on Business Gas, Electric & Water

Energy prices have been extremely volatile of late and many businesses have seen huge increases in their energy prices, fortunately prices have now started easing quite considerably, unfortunately for many businesses these reductions aren't being truly reflected in their renewal tariffs so this is a great time to check contract terms and tariffs.

EasypayPos has partnered with one of the UK's largest energy brokers to offer our customers a completely free Energy Tariff check from a leading UK energy broker so you can be sure your on the best possible tariff. We will check your contract term and your tariff completely free of charge and provide an alternative quote for your renewal so you can avoid falling into the renewal trap.

Renewal terms are seldom the best terms available even from your existing supplier and even worse can be the out of contract tariffs they charge when you are out of contract so it's always good to have a friendly broker keeping an eye on the market for you.
This doesn't necessarily mean switching suppliers because we will often quote lowers prices even with your existing supplier due to the volume of business handled by the brokerage.

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